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Dazhangshan Tea

Wuyuan, well-known as the famous tea town, locates in the famous golden triangle area of green tea, has the history of more than 1200 years for planting and producing tea. Since Tang Dynasty, Wuyuan green tea has been famous for its top quality, ranked as the preferred beverage of Chinese emperor during MingQing Dynasties, praised by William Wux, an American famous tea expert, in ALL ABOUT TEA as ¡°Wuyuan green tea is not only fine quality among Luzhuang green teas, but also the best among Chinese green teas.¡±
Mt. Dazhangshan, also called ¡°Mt. ShanTianZi¡± in SHAN HAI JING, is the watershed between QianTang River and LeAn River. With its peak of 1,630 meter height, it overruns 2,100 square kilometers, whose area at the elevation of above 600 meters reaches 900 square kilometers. The beautiful peaks of the surrounding mountains, humid climate, plentiful vegetation, thickly foggy and rich soil provides abundant moisture and rainfall, all which makes it has the unique and natural conditions suitable for growing the best quality tea-Dazhangshan tea.
Dazhangshan tea featuring strong fragrance, delicious taste and thick soup, is the tribute of successive dynasties. It is a kind of non-pollution organic food, whose residual quantity of pesticide and content of harmful heavy metal are much lower than those specified in the national and international standards after the inspection of Agricultural Department Food Quality Inspection Center in 1993. Through successive three years¡¯ detection by State Green Food Development Center, it is the first one certified Class AA Green Food in the Chinese tea in 1996. According to EC-Regulation No.2092/91, it has being certified by BCS since 1997, and also has being certified organic in compliance with JAS (the Japanese Agricultural Standard of Organic Agricultural Product), USDA/NOP-Final Rule and Swiss Regulation. In addition, it gained the title of "Famous Brand of Jiangxi", "National Name Brand of China's Food Industry", was awarded Gold Prize at EXPO'99 in KunMing, and was certified National Origin Geography Symbol. ¡°Dazhangshan¡± has gained the famous brand in Jiangxi, is the key agricultural industrialized project in Jiangxi Province.
The company develops 53 Dazhangshan tea farms whose area at the elevation of above 600 meters. With the total organic tea garden area of 1870 ha, it has an annual productive capacity of 1800 tons. There are a series of varieties, covering Dazhangshan Xianzhi, Chunyun, Ming Mei, Jian Feng, Yun Cui, Extra grade, 1-5 grade, green fannings, gunpowder, half gunpowder, jasmine tea, Sencha tea, black tea and etc. The products are mainly exported to EU, United States, and Africa market, which makes it has the most export quantity and most foreign profits in current China Tea Green Food, has occupied a large market share of organic green tea in EU market.
Dazhangshan tea, can give you the vital green every day, and create the beautiful future together. Dazhangshan tea- is the green card of the life.

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